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There no way you can have a stat that 70 80% correlated with true winning percentage that just sucks at measuring impact on 1 side of the ball. Yes, there a difference between "impact" and "talent", but the end score of every basketball game is offensive vs. Defensive efficiency.The core objective of basketball is to have impact on the game within their team, role, position, scheme, etc.We also lost a good part of our length that made passing against us so risky.That is all to say, I think the PG DPOY hype was still deserved, though Roberson deserved it more.  fake oakleys My dog hurt his leg chasing after a ball once. My mum had to carry him all the way home. He was looking really sorry for himself and just curled up in his bed looking sad. That got the ball rolling into investigations in the home. It took a long time, many home visits, several phone calls and reports but she was finally taken out of the home. Bittersweet because she will no longer be in an abusive home but she was just ripped away from the only people she known as family.  fake oakleys  cheap oakleys I was applying for a city government job that I wasn fully qualified for. I knew this, but I knew the head of the department. So, that got me the in. It wasn't until recently that i started getting more motivated and upping the mileage and pace. Is it usually general procedure to get X rays done before you start running with them?I always read wait 18 months, and the only way to tell 100% if you want to run very early in life is to x ray and check bone development. I doubt many people purposely do that to see if they can run with them though..  cheap oakleys  fake oakley sunglasses I think what people fail to recognize is the inspiration behind that design. E is calling back to "razzle dazzle" camouflage used on warships during WW1. Essentially it's a form of disruptive camo found in nature. Listen to ANY old clip of anything they ever did as O and that fucking piece of titshit is just stomping over anything funny. Especially in the last years, you can hear his jealousy and hatred ooze through when Ant Jim is riffing. Fucking mid sentence "OK let go to Harry in Wisconsin.  fake oakley sunglasses  replica oakleys But, to a surprising degree, it is also a testament to something else: Wall Street deal making.In recent years, many top selling brands including the 195 year old Remington Arms, as well as Bushmaster Firearms and DPMS, leading makers of military style semiautomatics have quietly passed into the hands of a single private company. It is called the Freedom Group and it is the most powerful and mysterious force in the American commercial gun industry today.Never heard of it?You're not alone. Even within gun circles, the Freedom Group is something of an enigma.  replica oakleys  replica oakley sunglasses In Rainbow Six Siege, the player is kicked automatically after two team kills or when every other player votes to kick them out which I think are both very poor systems to tackle this issue. Friendly fire is a big part of this game, but friendly fire allows people to be toxic. Sometimes I wished there was a no friendly fire variation of casual.  replica oakley sunglasses  replica oakley sunglasses Like Apple, Luxottica has vertically integrated to such a degree that it's very difficult for anyone else to compete. Luxottica has a near monopoly on eye care, and their scale makes it difficult for anyone to wedge their way into the value chain. Anyone who wants to compete needs the will, capital and connections to recreate the entire supply chain.  replica oakley sunglasses  replica oakleys We waited a while and got into an argument about what we should do, and ultimately it ended with us spending $30 on a crappy umbrella with a handle that supposed to look like a samurai sword. About 10 minutes after we continued on, the rain suddenly stopped (lol Florida) and I had to spend the rest of the day schlepping this damn umbrella everywhere across the park, on the monorail and when the monorail randomly closed down, on the 1 hour long bus ride back to the resort. I could have just tossed it, or given it to someone perhaps, but NO.  replica oakleys  cheap oakley sunglasses Individual customers have a much higher success rate in getting help from bike and parts companies than bike shops, so don't feel like they are pawning it off on you, they are actually trying to give you the best chance of getting a warranty. I wouldn't be "angry". Instead I would calmly explain the situation and just ask if they can do anything cheap oakley sunglasses.
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