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Historical Options Data and Strategy Backtesting Software.

Offering for sale:

Marketdata (EOD quotes)

End of day historical option prices for all U.S. equity options including stocks, indexes and ETFs.

- 15 years of end of day historical options data (up to 1 million quotes per day): $12,000.
- End of day options data subscription for one year: $6000.

Note: we offer both raw data which contains some errors, and corrected data. Using raw data in backtests will result in false positives.

Strategy Backtesting Software

Options strategies backtester: $20,000.

- Java and PostgreSQL
- Can test either naked or dynamic-hedged positions
- Allows both single option and option combinations (ex: iron condors).
- Allows different pricing models: several Black-Scholes variants included by default.
- Extensible to arbitrary programmed strategies (needs custom development).
- Extensible to arbitrary pricing models (needs custom development).

The backtester is delivered as source code and includes one month of training for your in-house programmers.

Auto-trading software

Call for pricing.

Custom Development Services

Custom development of new strategies and pricing models for the backtester, automated systems to trade the validated strategies: 62.5$ / hour, minimum one month contract.

File Icons

Start from pre-existing, production-tested code.

The backtester is delivered not as a service but as complete source code which you can use as basis for further development. You can also opt for outsourcing enhancements and custom development to us, and you still own the source code.

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