Another Quantitative Risk Analysis Software

A decent quality trading system, specialized in options.

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Contribute to the development of an open source trading system.


Interface with market data providers and get realtime quotes for stocks and options.

Pricing and risk engine

Compute fair prices, volatility, greeks and probabilities of win or loss.


Send limit, cancel, amend orders. Join the market or attack. Handle partial executions, disconnects and reconciliate your books.

Positions and PNL

Store your executed trades in an SQL database and track your live position, PNL and risk.

File Icons

Start from pre-existing, production-tested code.

A trading system, like a car, is made up from components: the engine and the rest. The engine is your proprietary edge over the competition, you can't share that. But the rest, everyone needs to implement it over and over again and they shouldn't. The open source part of this project aims to offer a decent starting level of quality for a complete trading system specialized in options. Think of the difference between using Linux as a starting point or writing an OS from scratch. You are freed to spend your valuable time and money resources by developing at application (engine) level instead of getting tied up in the OS.

Open to developers and investors

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Get in touch with us for monetary contributions in exchange for equity (you pay us) or for payed development contributions (we pay you).

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You can ask for more information by mail or on the forum.